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Naira Designer


The founder and Design Principal of the zealous and multidisciplinary design firm "B-hiVe Architects"; Bhavya Vora believes in a perfect blend of imagination, creativity and practicality to build. He received his Masters in Advanced Architecture degree from Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC), Barcelona, Spain and undergraduate degree from Mumbai University.

He has in his arsenal the experience gained by working with renowned architectural design firms both in Spain and Mumbai. He was a part of the design team working on a prestigious project; the state-of-the-art "CIDCO Exhibition and Convention Centre", Navi Mumbai. Being a perfectionist and an avid design developer, he is actively engaged in various scales and typologies of projects such as Urban Design and Planning, Public Buildings, Educational, Institutional, Luxurious Residences, Interior Design and Retail projects. And in his keenness to learn more he has participated and excelled in International design competitions and Workshops such as ; Bamboo and Rattan Ideas Design Competition – Shanghai , Experimental Facades in Robotic Folding, by Gregory Epps, Robofold , Artificial vision by Santiago Martin Gonzalez of IDESCAD team, University of Oviedo , Robotic Sand forming, by Michael Knauss, ETH Zurich, Matter, Materiality and Material Organization in Architecture by Ecologic Studio.

With his sharp analysis, exuberant imagination and constantly expanding skill set, he strives to set new benchmarks in his works – from design conception to detailing to on-site execution.