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‘December’ the coolest month in Goa, where the weather is alluring for all the travellers coming from different parts of the globe and why not? It is CHRISTMAS TIME and Goa, the former of Portuguese colony gears up the archaic celebration of joy.

Christmas celebration in Goa is simply great, where every house, garden and different corners of this place are energetically drenched with lights and decorations. Goa is known for ‘the homes of ancient church’ with a markup of oldie architecture of Catholic religion. As the former Portuguese colony gears up for the archaic celebration of joy, creating a great carnival as every corner of Goa is drenched with lights and decorations.

During this season of joy, churches organize midnight mass and carols where the streets/roads are crowded with a great enthusiasm for bestowing the pray of happiness and celebrating the birth of Lord Jesus Christ. The church is open to each and every soul to enjoy the singing of carols.

After a great religious ritual how about having a delicious dose of food? The cuisine is always good at Goa, but during Christmas it’s exceptional. Goan homes and bakeries prepare delicious sweets on Christmas Eve like Dodol, Kol-Kol and fruit cakes with rum which makes it mouthwatering. Treat yourself with the traditional Christmas cuisine like turkey, pork sorpotel and an assortment of grilled seafood at a fancy restaurant.

For a perfect end to your eve experience, the rush of people on streets during the red cloudless time and enjoy shopping the ideal present to your loved ones along with midnight fireworks show on the blissful beaches of Goa.

How about celebrating the auspicious vibes of festive by keeping a get-together party for your family who was apart for many years? At your second paradise home with the smell of scented candles, the sound of carols listening to the ringing sound of the church bell and watching the fireworks from your merciful balcony along with nostalgia conversation. Invest in Prosperity, Invest in Anantam Homes by Emgee Group.