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Sipping on a hot cup of coffee goes way beyond just enjoying the flavours. The charms of quaint cafés in Goa are known as a perfect hang out spots to impel conversations with your friends and loved ones. Right from artistic coffee houses to cosy little coffee corners, Goa has it all for the café lovers. Here’s a list of cafes not to be missed when visiting the sunshine state.

Caravela Cafe and Bistro
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1. Caravela Cafe and Bistro:


Located in what's known as the Portuguese Quarter, Caravela Café and Bistro in Panjim is not just about the coffee but about the experience. A mix of continental cuisine and the traditional Goan delicacies, Caravela is famed for its finest coffee in Goa. The simple, vintage décor along with the delicious snacks and desserts make up for an ideal combination.

2. Aunty Maria:


An agreeable and jaunty coffee shop that doubles up as a bakery, Aunty Maria is known for its lip-smacking breakfast options and the extraordinarily friendly owner, Aunty Maria. The only 24/7 café in Goa, this one is ideal if you are looking for a typical “susegad” Goan time with your friends. Perfect way to start your mornings, this place is the one where you can lay-back and enjoy a truffle or two.

Aunty Maria
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Cremeux Café and Bistro
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3. Cremeux Café and Bistro:


Being a bakery, pizza place along with a bar and grill, Cremeux is a place that never fails to impress anyone. Cremeux gives you a typical Goan evening with great food, live music, and friendliest staff. Expect a delicious plethora of Italian delicacies right from Pasta, Lasagna, Risoto, and everything in between at great prices.

4. Al Fresco by Bodega:


An expert culinary artist Vandana Naik takes your taste buds for a ride with Al Fresco by Bodega. Having a fan list that includes personalities like Dalai Lama, George Clooney, and George Bush, you can only imagine the expert delicacies that you can expect at Al Fresco. The utopian courtyard café serves soulful flavours from around the world in form of a comfort food that can easily make you fall in love with it. Look forward to the chef’s special English breakfast of Ham, eggs, and sausages.

Al Fresco by Bodega
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Black Vanilla
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5. Black Vanilla:


A charming French café, Black Vanilla instantly transports you back to the 1800s. If you are hunting for a place to hang out and have a fun time with your gang, this café makes is the ideal hub. Get delighted with the picturesque ambiance while you hog on the impeccable burgers, macaroons, juices, and shakes.

6. Bombay Coffee Roasters:


Coffee experts at its finest, Bombay Coffee Roasters is the place if you are hunting for the perfect cup of Joe. An urban and chic décor to go with seamless service, this café serves the essence of Goa all days of the week. Expect to make new friends from all around the world as this café stands for bringing the world together.

Bombay Coffee Roasters
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A respite from the crowded beaches of Goa and the bustling nightlife, these cafes gives you the much-needed break to relax and rejuvenate. While you set out of your luxury holiday home at Anantam to explore the streets of this coastal state, try one of these nearby cafes to experience the authentic culture of Goa.