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The parties in Goa must have settled down with the Monsoon at its crest but the beautiful landscapes of this Konkan coast have just started rising to its finest form. Want to explore what’s beyond the party scene of Goa? Now is the right time. It’s not just the cheap prices during the off-season of Goa that attracts the tourist. The mist has taken over the winding Western Ghats and the rice paddies have covered the lands. Read along if you are wondering what to look forward to in Goa during Monsoons.

Drive through the Western Ghats
Image Source: adventures 365.in

1. Drive through the Western Ghats:


Getting to Goa is as beautiful as the place itself. Experience that for yourself, this Monsoon. Take the road trip through the Western Ghats with drizzles and fog accompanying you. There is no better way to explore the exquisiteness of Goa than to soak in the sea breeze with a coastal drive on a Monsoon.

2. Explore the forts:


Goa might be a state known for its beaches but set out for an adventurous excursion and you will see there is no dearth of historic forts and monuments. Right from the famous Chapora fort in the North Goa to the hidden Cabo De Rama in South Goa, there are plenty of options to climb a fort towering over the Arabian Sea to enjoy the magnificent views of the ocean.s

Explore the forts
Image Source: goa tourism

goa tourism
Image Source: goa tourism

3. Visit the waterfalls:


Goa is dotted with several magnificent cascades all around and what better time to check out a refreshing waterfall than during the Monsoons. The famous Dudhsagar waterfall is in its most glorious form during this time while the Netravali waterfalls have the best jungle trek leading to it. The misty trek in the rains and the euphoria of seeing a waterfall makes it worthwhile.

4. Revel in the culture:


If you are someone who loves to learn about new cultures and traditions, you have one more reason to check out Goa during Monsoons. The plethora of festivities, right from the 150-year-old Sao Joao festival to the vivacious Bonderam Flag Festival make Goa one of the most exuberant places during the rainy season. Add to it the glory of the spicy Goan cuisine to warm the rainy days.

Revel in the culture
Image Source: itsgoa.com

Image Source: travel triangle

5. Get a dose of adventure:


The water sports might be out of the window during the monsoons because of the rough sea but adventure in Goa doesn’t just stop at that. Take on a thrilling trek or hike through one of the many national parks. Cascade through gurgling whitewater on a raft or choose a more serene option of bird watching. There are one too many things in the Goan Monsoons to get your adrenaline rushing on.

6. Experience solitude:


Off-season means fewer tourists, and fewer tourists mean having the beach all to yourself. Give yourself an entire beach paired with the combination of flourished nature and rains. Monsoons are the best time for breezy beach walks in the drizzles to immerse in tranquility.

With so many reasons to explore the flip side of this sunny state, one can hardly resist the wayfarer in them. What are you waiting for? Make the most of the fantastic off-season prices. Book a luxury holiday home with Anantam Homes and set out before the drizzles stop.

Experience solitude
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