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Every single of the million tourists that flock in and out of Goa, end their trip on a very similar note – “Wish I could settle here and never leave!” Who wouldn’t fall in love with the endless coastline and ever happening nightlife! But once you move here, you will see, there is a lot more that will make you fall head over heels with this quaint little state. And I say that after being one of the many who acted upon their wish of settling in Goa.

Waking up to the sound of waves crashing doesn’t just have to be a dream or a quick vacation. Leaving behind the late working hours and unhealthy environment to be engulfed in the scent of the sea might sound dreamy and to state a fact, living here is definitely no less than a dream. The susegad people and their lifestyle that redefine the quality of living is something that tugged at my heartstrings. This is exactly what instigated my decision of moving to Goa. Many were surprised and even shocked when I announced that I would be quitting my job and moving from a metropolitan city to settle in Goa. Many worried about the various aspects such as career growth and security in a tourist destination like Goa. But finding opportunities isn’t difficult in this progressive state. A place known for its tranquil beauty and equally peaceful lifestyle, Goa is a paradise that makes the daunting task of moving to an entirely new state, easy. It’s scary yes, but once you get on the journey of turning into a Goan, there is nothing that will make you doubt.

A place with abundant business opportunities, Goa, to the contrast of the common fallacy, also has a plethora of job options. Right from its weather, culture, to its lifestyle, and environment; everything works towards making you feel right at home.

Representing the easier times and simpler ways; Goa gave me a balanced life. The luxury of having purest nature around me while I was still connected to the all daily essentials of life was something I could have never found anywhere else. Finding an apartment in Goa with best of both worlds is pretty easy. I found an uninterrupted 180-degree sea view and the convenience of the modern life, all in one place at Anantam Homes by Emgee Group. Settling in Goa has more pros than the cons; one of the reasons why luxury homes in Goa are soaring high!

Goa didn’t just notch up my quality of living with its Art of Living centres and my own kitchen garden; but also gave a chance to live my life without having to wait for the weekends. In contrast to the unending rat race of the big city life, the sunshine state of Goa always seems like a therapy, and therapy it is!