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Even after being marked as the nation’s hottest destination for partying and touring, Goa’s essence still isn’t just valid for the youth. With the finest quality of living, it is the foremost choice amongst everyone to settle after retirement. Right from rejuvenation to world-class healthcare; Goa is here to offer a plethora of possibilities for your post-retirement life that proves - age is just a number.

For the soul

For the Soul
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There is absolutely no doubt about the serenity and tranquility that Goa exudes. Adding to its geographical features there are many other treats in Goa to soothe your soul.

1. Art of Living programs: The excellent teachings about the art of living right from Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar are available throughout North and South Goa. Attend some idealistic happiness and yoga sessions to keep your body, mind, and soul active. Rest assured these programs would give you the best of spiritual experiences to compliment your post-retirement phase.

2. Retreat and Meditation Centres: For those who are looking for a complete lifestyle change in this small coastal state, there are several retreat centres that provide holistic rehabilitation like Suhani Mind Care. A 180-degree twist to your life, start your life’s new milestone here with a wholesome treatment for your chronic physical ailments as well as psychological health through hypnosis and meditation.

For art, culture and entertainment

Goa doesn’t disappoint its art and culture enthusiasts too. Along with several cultural festivals that take place throughout the year like Mango festival, food and wine festival etc, Goa has many exceptional centres to explore its culture. Here are some places where you can spend your days indulging in best of art, literature, drama, and music.

1. Kala Academy Goa – To mix a bit of culture and art into their stay at this utopian location, Kala Academy Goa plays the perfect role. Visit here for workshops, festivals, competitions, and exhibitions, filled with drama, art, literature, and everything in between. Be it music you love or a bit of dance and folk art you are looking forward too, this place has it all.

2. Goa State Library – The oldest known library in India, Goa State Library was established during the reigns of Portuguese in Goa. Find books and journals in the local languages Konkani, Marathi to even Portuguese, French, Latin, and English dating back to the pre-1961 era.

For Art, Culture, entertainment
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For fitness and health

For fitness and health
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With the richness of healthy environment and spacious surroundings, Goa definitely helps in keeping you young at any age.

1. Joggers Park (Altinho, Panjim) - With great climate conditions to keep fit, Goa even has some of the best jogger’s park. Look forward to fine architecture surrounded by unpolluted air and complete quietness.

2. Fitness Centres - Along with freshest parks, Goa even has ultra-modern fitness centres of international standards like Basilio's 7 Gym and Gym N Tonic. Find yourself a personalized program and train under professional fitness trainers.

For leisure

Nothing beats the fun of strolling at your pace in the shaded gardens along the scenic views. Goa has some exceptional spots where you can do just that.

1. Campal Garden (Panjim) – Famously known as the children’s garden, Campal is always a cheerful spot to relax at. With a nice view of Reis Magos Fort and the Mandovi River, this is an ideal place to spend your leisure evenings here.

2. Garcia de Orta Garden (Panjim) – At the heart of Goa, Garcia de Orta Garden is yet another place where you can watch kids play or simply soak in the fresh air. The garden comes alive during the festivals with excellent music and lightings making this place a must visit.

For leisure
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Surprised with the numerous opportunities that Goa has to offer? Choose a holiday home at Goa or just move here for relaxed and rejuvenated best years of your life. Goa isn’t just loved by young ones because at this paradise, life begins at any age!