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The cool breeze coming off the ocean and the softest sands of the Goan beaches need the best accompaniment and nothing compliments the serenity of Goa better than its culinary treasures. To take you over the common fallacy that Goa is all and only about its churches, beaches and parties; here’s a list of must-try Goan delicacies that lure thousands of hearts towards this coastal state.

Must-try mains of Goan flavours -

Goan Fish Curry and Rice (Xitt Codi)
Image Source: India Food Network

1. Goan Fish Curry and Rice (Xitt Codi)


A staple diet of every Goan family, Xitt Codi is the essence of Goa served on a plate. With subtle hints of traditional spices, freshest fish and the richness of the coconut milk, Goan fish curry is a must-try whether you are eating at a restaurant or trying your hand at a Goan recipe.

2. Fish Recheado


One of the many seafood recipes handed down by the Portugal heritage and enhanced by the Goan flavours, Fish Recheado literally translates to “fish stuffed” from Portuguese. A blast of sweet, sour, and spicy flavours, Recheado is every food lover’s dream come true. Be it Pomfret or Mackerel, this scrumptious stuffing makes its all the more worthwhile.

Fish Recheado
Image Source: Masterchefu

Chicken Cafreal
Image Source: Food NDTV

3. Chicken Cafreal


A delight to every foodie, Chicken Cafreal is a famous delicacy from this sunny coastal region. This fresh green curry is yet another delicacy descended from the Portuguese culture. With traces of Goan culture in this dish, it’s a must-try for people who love spicy, deep flavours.

4. Pork Vindaloo


A fiery Pork dish, “Vindaloo” was originally known as “Vinha D’alhos” coming from the Portuguese heritage. This name literally translates to “meat in garlic wine marinade”. Evolving into the Goan culture with the addition of classic palm or coconut vinegar and dried red chilli peppers, Vindaloo has a blend of both spicy and tangy flavours.

Pork Vindaloo
Image Source: Co+op stronger together
Image Source: Appy Bistro

5. Caldeirada


A dish that every seafood lover in Goa swears by, Caldeirada is a stew that boasts a variety of fishes. With its roots in the Portuguese culture, this one also includes a plethora of fresh vegetables giving you best of both worlds.

Desserts to bless your Goan stay:

1. Bebinca


An Indo-Portuguese dessert, Bebinca is a simple yet elegant dish often counted as the traditional Christmas sweet in Goa. A seven layered piece of delight along with some refreshing ice cream, this one is sure to leave you wanting for more.

Image Source: ItsGoa
Channa Doce
Image Source: Ellaroy

2. Channa Doce


A sweet dish that will test your patience and love for Goan cuisine, Channa Doce calls for an intense stirring session. But even a bite of this dish definitely proves to be worth all the efforts. An integral part of the Goan Christmas goodies, Channa Doce is a must-have during your vacation stay in Goa.

3. Patoleo


A dessert to mark all kinds of celebrations, Patoleo are coconut and rice cakes steamed in turmeric leaves. Be it Ganesh Chaturthi or Nag Panchami, a Catholic wedding or any other occasion; this scrumptious dish is the part of the Goan tradition which is never missed.

Image Source: Cheena's cooking adventures
Image Source: Ang Sarap

4. Serradura


One of the easiest and yummiest pudding recipes you will ever try, Serradura is just a 10 minutes fix. “Serradura” which literally translates to “Sawdust” from Portuguese is simply the biscuit crumbs. The multiple layers of serradura and whipped cream surprisingly make for an irresistible combination.

5. Kulkul


Another significant part of the traditional Christmas goodies, Kulkuls are crispy sugar glazed curls. Not to be missed, these cute little dough curls have the authentic taste of Goa because of the hints of coconut milk and freshly grated coconut.

Image Source: Naliniscooking

A blend of Indian tradition and Portuguese heritage; Goa’s tale of gastronomy is influenced by a plethora of flavours. Explore these dishes at one of the finest restaurants or try the recipes with leisure at your holiday home in Goa! With so much deliciousness to explore, which one are you starting from?