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Palolem Beach
Image Source: Google Photos – Baszu00

A destination that sees thousands of tourists flocking in from around the globe, Goa is dotted with beaches at every nook and corner. If you have already experienced the glitzy lights at Baga and Calangute it’s time you take your tired feet to these unseen balmy beaches.

Betul Beach
Image Source: Google Photos – Jade Pareira

1. Betul Beach


A tiny beach tucked away at 24 km from Madgaon, Betul is mostly deserted apart from an occasional visitor strolling by. After what might seem like the most scenic drive, a small mud road descends right into this paradise which is surrounded by a lagoon and Sal river.

2. Kakolem Beach


With only one tourist resort situated around it, you will more or less have Kakolem beach all to yourself. Lay back and enjoy the Goan dishes accompanied by the waves orchestrating in front of you.

Kakolem Beach
Image Source: Conde Nast Traveller

Siridao Beach
Image Source: Google Photos – Pratik Harmalkar

3. Siridao Beach


Another heaven for the beach lovers, this one is situated at the mouth of Zuari River. Siridao beach is ideal for those who want to explore a local fisherman's life. Just 7 km from Panaji, it is still comparatively unmapped. Go here for the myriad shells of all shapes and colours!

4. Utorda Beach


At a distance of 10 km from Madgaon, Utorda beach is hidden treasure lined by palm trees and softest sands. You will find the waves to be extremely calm making it an ideal place for those who would love a swim.

Utorda Beach
Image Source: Google Photos – Sahil Gulati
Agonda Beach
Image Source: Google Photos – Roger Rebelo

5. Agonda Beach


In complete contrast to the bustle of popular Goan beaches, Agonda is a wide and quaint beach in Canacona, South Goa. This serene escape is also one of the rare designated turtle nesting sites. The waves might be too rough here but this one makes for a perfect place for your lazy, sunset walks.

6. Ashvem Beach


Much to everyone’s surprise, Ashvem beach in Pernem gives you the divine tranquility right amidst the humdrum of North Goa. Just a stone’s throw away from all the major hot spots in Goa, this undisturbed nirvana gives you the best of both worlds.

Ashvem Beach
Image Source: Trawell
Patnem Beach
Image Source: Google Photos – Baszu00

7. Patnem Beach


Hidden at the southernmost end of Goa in Canacona, Patnem Beach is never overcrowded even in the peak season. Boasting a long golden strip of sand it is surrounded by lush greenery ideal for long walks. Those looking for a bit of activity can take yoga sessions or go for water sports too.

8. Rajbag Beach


At the south of Patnem beach, Rajbag is sandwiched between a hillock and the Galgibag River. Clear white sands and even more pristine ocean water makes this beach a mesmerizing sight which has hardly been discovered by the tourists.

Rajbag Beach
Image Source: Make My Trip
Palolem Beach
Image Source: Google Photos – Baszu00

9. Palolem Beach


Often described as the “Paradise Beach”, Palolem is the epitome of solitude and utopia. Situated in the far south, it is a respite for all kinds of people. Be it adventures or serenity, this unspoiled beach has it all.

What can be better than taking a coastal drive to these untrodden beaches after you are done with the Goan party bashes! So, roll those windows down and revel in the sea breeze before commercialization takes them over.