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An abode for all kinds of people; be it for rejuvenation or a happening nightlife, Goa plays all the roles right. While one might think they have ticked off all the names under their Goa’s bucket list, we are here to unearth some of the rarest gems of this coastal paradise. Set your inner Columbus free with these unexplored churches and forts of Goa.

The Unexplored Churches for a retreat –

Our Lady of mount
Image Source: Wikimedia

1. Our Lady of the Mount


Starting off with the churches, Our Lady of the Mount is located in the historic Old Goa. Often missed out due to its secluded location, this chapel is exemplary of what the history of Goa stands for; simple yet exquisite white washed walls and lavish interiors.

Look forward to: Catching a sunset from this quiet hilltop chapel which overlooks the entire expanse of Mandovi and the islands of Devar and Chorao.

2. St Cajetan Church


With the hints of Roman architecture, St. Cajetan is yet another unnoticed beauty in Old Goa. Find your solace at this magnificent world heritage site with the least footfalls from regular tourists.

Look forward to: The fine architectural style and its semblance to that of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

St Cajetan Church
Image Source: Wikipedia

Our Lady of Compassion
Image Source: Google photos – Aurobindo Nayak

3. Our Lady of Compassion


Sitting atop a hill on Divar Island, Our Lady of Compassion overlooks all the churches on the other side of the river. A brilliantly whitewashed structure with flowers carved all over is truly a feast for eyes.

Look forward to: The carvings on the church exteriors and ceiling that are inspired by Indian Baroque era.

4. The Ruins of St. Augustine Church


Once known as the biggest church in Goa, this one now emotes beauty through ruins. Take a leisure stroll at this expansive place and feel those glorious days sprawl out.

Look forward to: Exploring the ruins and excavations of the church displayed at the museum.

The Ruins of St. Augustine Church
Image Source: Pinterest

The Unexplored Forts to conquer -

Cabo de Rama Fort
Image Source: Google photos – Razak ali Khan

1. Cabo de Rama Fort


Moving on to forts, the pristine South Goa houses some of the most undiscovered places. The ruins of Cabo de Rama Fort being one of them, is situated in Canacona. Get closer to nature with a trek around this fort with mesmerising sea views.

Look forward to: An interrupted 180 Degree sea view with the eye-catching contrast of a whitewashed church and the dark ruins of the fort.

2. Nanus Fort


Built by Shivaji in the 17th century and later captured by Portuguese, ruins of Nanus fort have both their essence from the past. Tucked away neatly from the hustle bustle of the main city, Nanus Fort in Satari city is still majorly untraversed.

Look forward to: The walk up the hill amidst raw nature to reach the small fortification.

Nanus Fort
Image Source: goaonwheels.com
Tiracol Fort
Image Source: boubouteatime.com

3. Tiracol Fort


Pernem in Goa has one of the best-kept secrets in form of Tiracol Fort. Hovering over scenic beaches and rivers the structure of this fort is now turned into a heritage hotel.

Look forward to: Exploring the massive history between the Marathas and Portuguese along with impressive views of the ocean from the hilltop.

4. Sinquerim Fort


Another hidden destination in Goa, the Sinquerim Fort is often overlooked because of the more popular destinations around it. The fort boasts fine Portuguese architecture along with the delight of Sinquerim beach by the side.

Look forward to: A walk on the soft sand of Sinquerim and various recreations such as windsurfing, scuba diving, and water skiing etc.

Sinquerim Fort
Image Source: travelsuvidha.co.in

So next time you are heading toward your vacation home in Goa, don’t forget to explore these new treasures and tick them off your bucket list because there is nothing like getting on the roads with uninterrupted 180 Degree sea views and wandering off with the sea breeze in your hair.